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American Gods 1 x 5

Lemon Scented You

Trying to work things out with his dead and unfaithful wife, Shadow's emotional reunion is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods.

Lemon Scented You 2017-05-28
The White Princess 1 x 7

Two Kings

A pretender to the throne is held captive at court, confounding the Tudors, and creating a new rift in Lizzie and King Henry's marriage. Lizzie faces an impossible choice, and makes a risky move to try to eliminate the threat to her family.

Two Kings 2017-05-28
The 100 4 x 13


It's a race against the end of the world as Praimfaya arrives forcing our heroes to make impossible decisions to ensure their survival.

Praimfaya 2017-05-24
Shots Fired 1 x 10

Hour Ten: Last Dance

In the series finale, the hearings for both cases are held and, as Preston presents the facts to the jurors, the truth behind each shooting is revealed. Meanwhile, Pastor Janae and other petitioners gather outside the courtroom in anticipation of the results, hoping for a better future. After the Sheriff's Department loses one of its own, it becomes clear who is really to blame.

Hour Ten: Last Dance 2017-05-24
Arrow 5 x 23

Lian Yu

Oliver assembles a group of unlikely allies - Slade, Nyssa, Merlyn and Digger Harkness - to engage in an epic battle against Chase and his army.

Lian Yu 2017-05-24
Jamestown 1 x 4

Episode 4

Rumor of a goldmine sends a stir os suspicion through the settlement. Meanwhile, Farlow and Redwick resort to espionage to get the better of Jocelyn.

Episode 4 2017-05-26
Jamestown 1 x 3

Episode 3

A tribe invades the town, giving Jocelyn a chance to advance Samuel's career. Alice and Silas's future is thrown into jeopardy.

Episode 3 2017-05-19
iZombie 3 x 8

Eat a Kinevel

Liv shares the brain of a former daredevil with her new boyfriend, and the experience brings them closer. Blaine is back to his old ways. Meanwhile, Ravi makes progress in his new research. Finally, a discovery is made that could put Major in grave danger.

Eat a Kinevel 2017-05-22
Bull 1 x 23 Benevolent Deception 2017-05-23
Prison Break 5 x 8 Progeny 2017-05-23
The Flash 3 x 23

Finish Line

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar.

Finish Line 2017-05-23
Pretty Little Liars 7 x 15

In the Eye Abides the Heart

After being blackmailed by A.D., one of the Liars begins to supply info to the dark side in order to protect those closest to her. Detective Furey questions how much the PLLs know about what happened to Archer Dunhill. Aria tries to issue an ultimatum to Ezra in regards to Nicole, while Emily struggles with how to support Ali. Spencer goes to elaborate lengths to meet up with Mary Drake and encounters Wren. After learning something surprising about Lucas, Hanna sets out to prove her friend is innocent and uncovers even more troubling info.

In the Eye Abides the Heart 2017-05-23
Supergirl 2 x 22

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Supergirl challenges Rhea to battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice.

Nevertheless, She Persisted 2017-05-22
Into the Badlands 2 x 10

Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire

Sunny faces the toughest showdown of his life; Bajie's loyalties are tested to their limits.

Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire 2017-05-21
Shades of Blue 2 x 13

Broken Dolls

In a dramatic confrontation, Wozniak faces the ally who betrayed him and makes his most difficult choice yet. Meanwhile, Stahl's fanatical plan to take Harlee down for murder finally pays off, forcing Harlee to get dangerously close to the man who's obsessed with her In the end, Harlee and Wozniak's desperate efforts to save themselves and the crew lead to shocking consequences for both.

Broken Dolls 2017-05-21
The Leftovers 3 x 6


Laurie Garvey, a former therapist, must become one again as she heads to Australia to help Nora and Kevin along their paths.

Certified 2017-05-21
Lucifer 2 x 17 Sympathy For The Goddess 2017-05-22
The White Princess 1 x 6

English Blood on English Soil

King Henry VII and Lizzie travel to Spain in an attempt to secure their son's betrothal. Meanwhile, unrest has been growing in Burgundy and spills over into an English battle.

English Blood on English Soil 2017-05-21
American Gods 1 x 4

Git Gone

Alternating between the past and the present, Laura’s life and death are explored—how she met Shadow, how she died, and how exactly she came to be sitting on the edge of his motel room bed.

Git Gone 2017-05-21
Training Day 1 x 13

Elegy (2)

Kyle, Tommy and Rebecca must rescue Frank when he goes on a rogue mission to Mexico to locate intel linked to the murder of Kyle’s father.

Elegy (2) 2017-05-20